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Crucial Advice to Renting a Short-Term Apartment in Hanoi

Posted by vietlongadmin on June 9, 2021

People take on short-term rentals for a number of reasons, such as extended travel or a months-long work engagement in a new area. It’s largely preferred for the savings aspect: these are usually far cheaper when compared to checking into a hotel. Aside from that, living in a rented apartment can give more of a homey feel, which in turn can help with adjusting to the environment.

If you’re looking for an apartment for rent in Hanoi, it’s key to go about it in the best possible way. Read on for critical advice to rent an apartment short term in Hanoi:

Budget Accordingly

You would think that a short stay means low rent, right? In this instance, that’s wrong. Rent actually gets higher the shorter a stay is. If your initial contract was for 4 months, but you need an extension of another month or two due to unforeseen circumstances, that’s going to cost you. While it’s usually not more than a maximum of 10% more than the previous rate, that’s still more money than you initially intended to spend. A good rule of thumb is to discuss costs for such situations with the lessor during the initial talks before you sign on for rent.

Get Your Temporary Residence Certificate

This one is very important, and very complicated. Lucky for you, landlords typically choose to help their potential tenants with registration and submissions as needed. That comes at no extra charge; it’s already incorporated in the rent. It’s largely because of the language barrier that could lead things to go on longer than they should or even create unnecessary misunderstandings. 

Make sure to provide a copy of your valid passport along with a copy of your visa. Don’t forget to ask them for a copy of the certificate once it’s approved. This is particularly necessary because you need to present it to the police in case a surprise inspection happens.

Pick a Fully Furnished Apartment

Basic needs don’t disappear with living in an apartment short-term. Don’t bother looking into places where you’ll have to purchase key items like a fridge separately. Your time, energy and funds will just turn into a wasted effort in the long run, especially if your plan is to sell the things off before you leave. Aside from possibly struggling to find buyers, you might end up letting them go for a much lower price just to dispose of them prior to your departure.

Plan as Soon as You Can

A key way to get an apartment for rent in Hanoi that’s ideal for you is to look early. Ideally, the timeline for this is at least a month or two before your intended arrival date. Take the time to make a shortlist of possible apartments, drawing comparisons as you go along. Aside from saving on funds, getting this settled early on will also decrease your stress around the time of your departure. It will also be good for handling any unexpected concerns down the line, since you have leeway in terms of time.


Finding a short-term apartment in Hanoi can be a rather involved process. It’s common enough for people on business trips or some type of study. Crucial tips include planning as soon as you can, budgeting accordingly and getting a temporary residence certificate.

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