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Hanoi, Vietnam: Why Is the Ideal Place for Ex-pats?

Posted by vietlongadmin on March 15, 2023

Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, has long been admired for its culture, history, and cuisine. With its bustling streets and vibrant nightlife, it is no wonder that Hanoi is becoming an increasingly popular destination for ex-pats worldwide. It has been listed as one of the top destinations for ex-pats.

For ex-pats, Hanoi offers plenty of opportunities for growth and exploration. From job opportunities to language classes, ex-pats can find many ways to get involved in the city. Here are the best reasons to find apartments for rent in Hanoi: 

Convenient Location 

The country’s capital, Hanoi, is a political, commerce, tourism, and culture hub. Every embassy and consulate is represented in Hanoi, making it straightforward to contact your government if necessary. Also, finding foreign banks in this region is straight, which promotes trade. If you enjoy shopping, go outside and explore the streets, where you can find boutiques, department stores, and shopping centers. 

Due to historical sites like Hoa Lo Prison, Ba Dinh Square, Sword Lake, and the Hanoi Flag Tower, as well as cultural treasures like the Cathedral and the Temple of Literature, the city retains traditional values while thriving in the modern period (Ngoc Son Temple, Tran Quoc Pagoda, One Pillar Pagoda). 

The city’s abundance of tourist attractions makes a tour of its natural splendor never dull. Over the weekends, art lovers can also visit various cultural organizations, galleries, and exhibitions. Those who live in Hanoi have easy access to a quality educational system. 


Hanoi is generally a very safe city. The crime rate is low, and the people are friendly. However, being aware of your surroundings is important, as with any city.

Fair Costs of Living

Living in Hanoi is viewed as favorable since it has a lower cost of living than other Asian cities. Even if you are from a Western nation with a higher exchange rate, it is incredible. Make plans ahead of time. Apartments, houses, serviced apartments, and opulent villas are just a few of your alternatives. 

Most ex-pat housing options are furnished and provide utilities just outside the door. Ciputra or Watermark apartments in the Tay Ho district rent roughly $600 monthly, while Golden West Lake, a nearby villa, is only $400 more. In return, you can access amenities, reside in a multicultural area, and use the stunning freshwater lake. 

In Hanoi, food prices are exceptionally affordable. A banh mi sandwich is $1, a bowl of pho is $2, and a one-person dinner can be eaten for as little as $4 in American currency. If you don’t have a car, transportation expenses are also lowered. 

For an additional $7 a week for gas, you can rent a motorcycle for $40 per month. The cost of a cab within the city limits, however, is roughly $3.

Employment Opportunities

Vietnam is expanding quickly and marketing its potential to domestic and international markets. This suggests that immigrants from other countries have better employment opportunities. 

Hanoi also acts as the country’s economic hub, making life there relatively simple. This is due to the enormous number of foreign-owned firms, international organizations, international banks, and educational institutions that prefer to locate their headquarters there. 


Undoubtedly, foreign travelers are impressed by Hanoi’s developing food scene. An Eastern culture’s authentic, traditional cuisine will immediately distinguish it from Western culture. Due to the fresh and varied tropical ingredients used in the vegetables, fruits, and spices, a restaurant’s menu may surprise you with its lengthy list. One meal can quickly become two with just a few spoonfuls of soup. 

Vietnamese noodles are the country’s signature dish. You probably didn’t know there were several kinds of noodles. That means trying every local cuisine will take some time, even if you only sample one daily. 

Even if you occasionally yearn for the cooking of your hometown, it’s simple to locate specialist restaurants serving international cuisines that range from fast food to meals with Indian origins.


Hanoi is an excellent choice for ex-pats looking for a house for rent. Housing prices are relatively low compared to other major cities, and many properties are available for sale. Additionally, the city offers a vibrant culture, with various cultural attractions and activities for ex-pats to enjoy. Hanoi is an attractive destination for those looking for an ideal place to settle down and purchase a house.

VietLong Housing is a local, Hanoi-based real estate company with over ten years of market expertise. We have been working hard, especially in these uncertain times, to assist thousands of ex-pats in finding the homes of their dreams for themselves and their families. Send us a message to start the search for your ideal property! Find apartments in Hanoi here. 

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