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Tips on Finding Your Ideal Hanoi Apartment for Rent

Posted by vietlongadmin on March 6, 2023

Are you in the process of looking for an apartment in Hanoi? If so, you are in luck. Hanoi is a popular city in Vietnam, and many apartments are available. Whether looking for an affordable or luxurious apartment, you will find something that suits your needs. 

In this article, discover the best ways to find a Hanoi apartment for rent. 

Tips on Finding the Best Apartment in Hanoi for You

Are you looking for an apartment in Hanoi? Whether you are a student, a professional, or just a traveler, finding the right apartment in Hanoi can be daunting. With the numerous options available, it can be overwhelming to make the right decision.

But don’t worry—here are some tips to help you find the best apartment in Hanoi for you:

Determine Your Budget

Determining your budget is the first step to finding the best apartment for you. Consider your expenses—rent, utilities, food, transportation, etc.—and devise a realistic budget for what you can afford to spend on an apartment. This helps to narrow down your options and make the process of finding the perfect apartment much easier.

Consider Your Needs

Think about the features you need in an apartment. Are you looking for a furnished or unfurnished apartment? How many bedrooms do you need? Do you want a balcony or a terrace? Make a list of all the features you want in an apartment to ensure you don’t forget anything when searching.

Search Online

Take advantage of the internet and search for apartments online. Several websites provide listings of apartments in Hanoi. You can search for apartments based on your budget, location, and other criteria. This will help you quickly find apartments that meet your needs.

Ask Around

Talk to people in Hanoi who have recently moved into apartments. Ask them about their experiences—both good and bad—with different apartments. This will help you better understand which apartments are worth looking into and which ones to avoid.

Visit the Apartment

Once you’ve narrowed your options, it’s time to visit the apartments. Take your time to check out the facilities, the neighborhood, and the amenities. Make sure that the Hanoi house for rent is in a safe and convenient location. Bring a friend or family member with you to get a second opinion.

Things to Check When Inspecting an Apartment 

Before closing a deal and moving in, here are some things to consider:

  • Does enough light enter your apartment? Due to the crowded population, few residences in Hanoi receive a lot of natural light. Make sure it is well-lit if yours doesn’t if it doesn’t.
  • Does the apartment have access to an alleyway? Which floor is it on? Generally, the noise level increases as one gets farther from the ground. 
  • Does the water in your kitchen have heat? What condition is your washing machine in? When selecting whether or not to accept something that is not accepted here, consider how essential they are to you. Once more, as rent increases, so does the likelihood that an apartment will offer these features.
  • Check for mold. The high humidity in Vietnam makes it easy for mold infections to spread. Make sure it’s corrected before you move in because some of it is typical, even in more affordable locations.
  • If you have a vehicle, ask for parking allocations. 


Renting an apartment or Hanoi housing is a great way to experience the city. It is best to take some time to research the available apartments and find one that meets all of your needs. Consider the apartment’s location, price, amenities, and safety before deciding. Always try to visit the apartment in person and ask plenty of questions before signing a lease. 

Furthermore, it is important to ask for help from friends and family who may have previously rented apartments in the city. By considering all of these factors, you will surely find the best apartment in Hanoi.

VietLong Housing is a local, Hanoi-based real estate company with 10+ years of experience on the market. We have been helping thousands of ex-pats to find dream homes for themselves and their families—and still work hard, even during those uncertain times. Drop us a message, and find the perfect Hanoi apartment for rent today!

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